My Marathon Playlist

One of the most motivating things I’ve found for races is a playlist with new, upbeat, fun music. I used the same playlist of 57 tracks since a half marathon in September. I’ve trained to those same tracks for every run since then. I don’t even hear the music anymore, honestly. There are only a few songs that catch my attention (Baby Come Home by Scissor Sisters being one of my faves). Most of the time it’s just background noise. When I ran said half marathon in September, I couldn’t be more surprised by how much the new playlist I put together motivated me and made the race fun. So I decided to build a marathon playlist for this race and then not use it until race day. My running music preferences are much different than my regular music listening preferences. I love oldies, super upbeat guilty pleasure mainstream pop stuff…kind of tired of rap these days (at least the popping bottles/I’m so rich variety), but some of my fave running songs make an appearance.

Because sharing is caring, I am giving y’all a glimpse at my playlist. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!!


Don't judge me, Dad

Don’t judge me, Dad



One thought on “My Marathon Playlist

  1. Christine K.

    Hi Blair! This is an awesome playlist – I’m going to steal some song ideas and add them to my own. My “running story” is very similar to the start of yours – I kind of hated running until out of the blue after dabbling in it over the years I decided to start training for my first half marathon (this upcoming May), and I’m really starting to love it! I’ve been following you on tumblr for a bit and I’m really looking forward to start following running blogs, too – yours is the first one I’m following 🙂 Maybe I’ll finally commit to mine and start blogging more often myself. Keep up the awesome work – sending you lots of luck for your full!


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