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My Marathon Playlist

One of the most motivating things I’ve found for races is a playlist with new, upbeat, fun music. I used the same playlist of 57 tracks since a half marathon in September. I’ve trained to those same tracks for every run since then. I don’t even hear the music anymore, honestly. There are only a few songs that catch my attention (Baby Come Home by Scissor Sisters being one of my faves). Most of the time it’s just background noise. When I ran said half marathon in September, I couldn’t be more surprised by how much the new playlist I put together motivated me and made the race fun. So I decided to build a marathon playlist for this race and then not use it until race day. My running music preferences are much different than my regular music listening preferences. I love oldies, super upbeat guilty pleasure mainstream pop stuff…kind of tired of rap these days (at least the popping bottles/I’m so rich variety), but some of my fave running songs make an appearance.

Because sharing is caring, I am giving y’all a glimpse at my playlist. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!!


Don't judge me, Dad

Don’t judge me, Dad